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Firstborn here (Team Saigon) contacting you from the future (13hrs ahead of Ontario), letting you know we’ve all arrived in Singapore safely, but not so soundly.  She Who Must Be Obeyed is very sick with a fever and a bad cough.
Let’s jump back a few days *ripple effect* to the airport in Canada.  I got my last Timmy’s for seven months before we boarded AirCanada to London, England.  The flight was good, I also watched the last of Canadian shows for seven months while Paris listened to One Direction.
Flying over England was amazing!  We saw Buckingham Palace, the Ferris Wheel, and London Bridge.  Paris caught on video my reaction to landing, I was beyond excited from a mix of exhaustion, the love of England, and the lack of snow on the ground.
Unfortunately, we only had an hour to get to our next gate but in this time I did manage to make multiple people uncomfortable as I accidentally stared while listening to their accents, as well Paris and I were freaking out about the Ben & Jerry’s vending machines.  Sometimes you can’t find apple juice in Canada and here they have ice-cream?
There were 450 people on our next flight to Singapore which was quite the jump from our last, which was more than half empty.  Another jump was the length of the flight.  Canada to England was six hours, England to Singapore was twelve.
We sat me, OnlyBoy, Paris, Fahbio.  OnlyBoy kept falling asleep then having his head swing down, jolt up, and repeat.  Paris looked at the map for most the time, and Fahbs “slept a lot, and got free food for my kids”.  Singapore airlines and food go together like chicken and bok-choy, which we had for dinner.  We were given a menu at the beginning of our flight with two to three options for each meal.  As well, if at any time one was hungry, one could ask for a sandwich, granola or chocolate bar, chips or cookies.
Arrival was alright, everyone ran past us to meet their connecting flight to New Zealand which left in 40 minutes so we went from 450 people to around 50.  Buying tickets for the metro was a slight challenge.  Figuring out where we had to go was surprisingly easy.  Singapore, you give over-informative instructions, which I appreciate.  We took 3 metros which sounds complicated but remember, we’re in Singapore.  They even have instruction on how to walk onto the metro.  On the ride we were careful not to eat or drink ($500). We got to our room alright, unfortunately the handle broke off of one of the suitcases so Fahbs had a bit of a hard time with the 28kg.  At this point it is 12:30pm so we find a, get this, Chinese restaurant and sit down.


The food was good but after only airplane food for 25 hours I was dying for vitamins (which spoiler alert, I have yet to consume).  We went for a walk, careful not to jaywalk ($500) and decided to go to a gas station to check the price.  (I’ve decided to remember gas was 126.6 when we left which Paris and OnlyBoy are constantly checking up on).  Gas here is 264.  At the station we bought a passion fruit drink, and two grass jelly drinks.  I also saw a birds’ nest drink, TBD if I will try it or not.


Once back at the room we struggled to stay awake (2:00pm-Singapore time), Fahbio left at 3:00pm to meet Hanoi at the airport.  OnlyBoy was first to fall asleep an hour later, Paris followed at 4:30pm and then I finally gave in at 5:30pm.  I vaguely remember hearing Hanoi come in but wasn’t conscious until 4:30am.
It’s interesting being back with the little girls (Lastborn & Venice) again and their shrill voices and inability to whisper.
It’s now almost 8:00am and we’re getting ready to find a store (and hopefully produce!!!)  #IllBeMyselfAgainWhenIHaveVitamins