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Hey guys – it’s Paris (11 year old) here!

I’m so happy to be posting today! We had an amazing (and exhausting) day.  First we woke up at 4:00am! We woke up so early ’cause of the time difference.

Poster on the door to our apartment in Singapore

Poster on the door to our apartment in Singapore

Then we power-cleaned for an hour ’cause we had to get on to a bus soon to go to the train station to get a train to Malaysia.

But we missed our train so we took a bus across the border from Singapore to Johu Bahru (JB) in Malaysia.  The bus ride was only 5 minutes and we were in another country!  And then we got on a train to get to Gemas.

Seen from the train

Seen from the train

The train took 4 hours and we were so tired! We walked so far.

So you guys might be wondering “Why are they not camping in Singapore like they planned?” Well…

To answer that we just had a change of plans because SWMBO had a rotten fever for 3 days and was too sick to camp in the hot sun. So now we are in our hotel room in Gemas and very tired so I will end it here.



To all of you people who are reading this – good night or maybe it’s good morning.

Whatever the time is for you –

Bye and I will write again soon.

-Paris <3