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Hey guys – Paris (11 yo) here –

I will tell you about the day after we got on the awesome boat in Halong Bay.  Our beautiful boat was the Treasure Junk owned by Handspan.

View from top deck of Treasure Junk

View from top deck of Treasure Junk

Halong Bay - Amazing!

Halong Bay – Amazing!

First at around 12:30 am Lastborn woke up (Onlyboy, Venice and I with her).  I still don’t really know why but all I know is that we did not want to get up to help her.

I know that’s kinda mean but hey – we had a long day sipping our dairy and we were tired.

I was going to wake up at 5:45 am to see the sun rise and go and do some tai-chi.  It was my first time trying tai-chi.

I did do some and I was aching really hard.

We went on a kayak trip (again).  This time it was for much, much, MUCH longer (2 hours) or you could go on the tender and then go on a new boat ’cause the other boat had to bring the people that were only staying one night back to harbour.  So SWMBO, Venice and I went kayaking and every one else stayed to go on the tender and then go on the new boat (lazy butts, just saying).

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

It was so hard – too….much……KAYAKING.  We survived though.  We got to go to a beach for a rest (the kayakers I mean).  It was so nice.  We basked in the sun.

Kayaking around the limestone

Kayaking around the limestone

We FINALLY got back to the new boat.  Firstborn, Onlyboy and the “Daughter from Australia” jumped off the boat into the water from the top deck.  It was really fun to watch them ’cause they were so scared.  It was REALLY high so I can understand.  Did I go and jump off the boat, um…..NOOOO!!!

So that will be the end of my post (nooooo).  I hope you liked it,

love from                                                                                                                       Paris