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From Paris (11 yo):

Macarons - $60 for 30

Macarons – $60 for 30

Spring is in the air, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, no snow…wait..no snow…that’s like amazing…..YAY!!!!

Today (March 20) is the Jour du macaron –  Day of the Macaron (pronounced mac a ro).  Macarons are little french almond cookies that come in many kinds.  And by the way – they are gluten free!!!  These are the flavours we got: chocolate+lime (SWMBO), caramel (Onlyboy), Mille fleurs – poppy and violet (Lastborn and I), milk chocolate + passionfruit (Venice), Pain d’epice + orange (Fahbio) and pistachio (Firstborn).

Macarons on plate

Macarons on plate

Can I get you a moustashio macaron?..get it …..maybe…..hopefully….that was cheesy, oh well, any way it was the perf spring day like I said.  No snow, which made it a lot easer to walk in –

but there are still 105 steps to walk up… OMG what if we had to walk up those steps with our snow gear?  Now that would be hard.

Arnaud Larher for delicious macarons

Arnaud Larher for delicious macarons

SWMBO told me to tell you about Day of the Macaron and I did so I guess that means I have to go now :( .

see ya,                                                                                                                                           Paris

P.S. I thought about doing a quote of the day so here is the quote that my bro told me

“don’t judge a book by the movie”

that’s all fokes see ya

NOTE from SWMBO: The Jour du Macaron was started many years ago by chocolatier Pierre Herme to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.  On March 20, when you go to a participating chocolatier/patissier and make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, you receive a macaron.  In French a donation is “un don” which rhymes with macaron.  Un don pour un macaron…