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Don't worry, we'll save you

Don’t worry, we’ll save you

Hi guys!  

Venice (8 yo) & Paris (11 yo) Here!

Venice is Going to write one

half and Paris is writing the other!


Yesterday we went to a castle from long, LONG ago and

there was a gift shop.   We went in to it and we

saw these bows and suction-cups!

Bow and suction cups

Bow and suction cups

Paris and I Really wanted them!

Paris saw this really cool bow and arrow

( Not real arrows.

Thank you so much for that!)    

It was a normal bow but the Arrow was a

Feather Quill!      


Any way the castle was made in 1283 – 89   ( 1289) !!!

The castle is named after the town that it’s in:


( Harlech castle. )




In the end when we were going back to our

zombie car…   uh I don’t think

you understand, I just meant that…     Oh well anyway,

Paris and I went ahead but then I herd

She-who-must-be-obeyed telling Lastborn:

“Ok? But sshhh….     Don’t tell them.”

So then I obviously came running over to here them…

Lastborn said:     Venice! Paris!     Come here for your thing???!!!

We came and then hidden inside Firstborn’s jacket there was two bows and

Suction-cups!!!   HURRAY!!!  

Bow and quiver

Bow and quiver


Hey ok first things first, we do not have bows and suction cups… well not really.

It’s like an arrow but at the end there is no arrow (kinda weird that that’s what they called it) just a suction cup – not an arrow that can kill…. That came out wrong, oh well. Well what ever you call them there fun but they only came with 2 arrows (suction cups, what ever) so I thought “Hey Paris, why don’t you make your own arrows” you see sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to that voice in your head, but

if you hear that voice a lot then I think you should see a psychiatrist. Any way I spent, like the whole day finding sticks, then whittling, then seeing if it would work (that was the fun part).

Making arrows

Making arrows

I made about 10 arrows in total.  Then Venice came to see what I was doing and then she started doing it too and then I guess Fabio felt sorry for Lastborn and made her a bow too in about 30 minutes.  Anyway we basicly spent the whole day with weapons, ok I’m making myself sound like a violent person, don’t judge. Just because I really , really want a sword and have a bow and arrow doesn’t mean I’m not nice, ask any of my friends, ok most of them, just kidding… maybe

Well anyway I guess I should go now sooooooo yeah



P.S. Quote of the day from Lasborn is 

Paris stop being a hysterical

What does that mean? I have no idea.