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In which SWMBO heaves a sigh of relief.

Chef's herbs get some much needed sun, Slovenia

Chef’s herbs get some much needed sun, Slovenia

The last few days have been hectic to say the least. Homeschooling has allowed us to live life at a relaxed pace, away from the rat race. We’re not used to getting up early, rushing, eating prepared foods. We had planned to be on the go more than usual for a few days because we wanted to use our Genusscard but as we got closer to Greece, we made it onto the gods’ radar. I knew it would happen eventually but I didn’t realize they monitor as far away as Austria.

They thought we looked too relaxed and that made Hera full of spite and she started throwing things at us. Like wrong GPS coordinates for a famous cave, sat navs sending us all kinds of crazy places, a lost Firstborn, torrential rains and even hail. But that Hera, she saved the best for Slovenia and decided to hit us on Canada Day.   I know I provoked her by getting in the car when I said I would only use my feet for the next six days. But sheesh, Hera, cut me a little slack. I just wanted to get some milk for coffee and mail a few things at the post office and that’s all 15 kilometres away…

These feet had no business...

These feet had no business…

…getting into this van!

…getting into this van!

Our wine house isn’t situated on a neat little suburban crescent with super mailboxes at the corner and trampolines in the back gardens. Obviously. It is located on a hilly private road that is half covered in grass. As you drive up to the house, there is a stone wall on the right and a cliff on the left. The storm of the day before had dislodged a dog-sized stone from the wall and this was hiding, unbeknownst to us, in the grass. The next thing we knew, we heard a “psssssh” and our tire was flat. Big time flat. We unloaded the kids and spent the next hour fighting to disengage our jack and change the tire. Success! But our elation was short lived.

I went in the house for a minute and Paris asked Fahbio if he would like some help and was waiting to help then both left side wheels fell off the cliff. Yikes! Fahbio jumped out of the van and the fun began. A neighbour called a mechanic who arrived with a tractor an hour later and proceed to pull the van back to terra firma. Then we followed him to his shop so he could properly fix our tire and give us another spare. We had visions of mega-euros floating away but he only charged us 70 ($108) for the whole shebang since we didn’t want a receipt. Come on! That is an amazing price!

Stone wall from whence came the big rock...

Stone wall from whence came the big rock…

SWMBO spent close to a year living in the Balkans and worrying about vehicles going off the side of a cliff. It finally happened and it wasn’t as dramatic as expected. Thank goodness! But nerves were shaken that’s for sure. After a visit to an internet café and some grocery shopping, we headed home.

Vines with internet connection, Slovenia

Vines with internet connection, Slovenia

Our wine house is simple with no television or wifi. But our host is a true CS, which by the way means that he is a free thinker. He has noticed that one of his neighbours has an unlocked wifi and being the generous alternative soul that CS people are, he informed us when we met where exactly to stand to benefit from free high speed internet. In Slovenia, you pay a flat rate for unlimited internet. Firstborn is cautious and proceeds as stealthily as possible. SWMBO goes forth as she always does when she wants something and doesn’t think she is causing harm: ballsy and fearless. Last night it was free wifi under the most amazing stars in this dark skies gem. Today we had the day we were supposed to have yesterday – at a beautiful beach where we were the only visitors with the exception of a chicken! I followed that up with free wifi sitting against a stone wall, swatting flies and shaded by vines. I just pray that Hera didn’t see me…