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Here’s what we thought about Legoland Deutschland:


I can’t believe all the bonsai plants.  If you have any interest in bonsai, it is worth a visit to Legoland just to see how they are used.

Effective use of bonsai plants in Legoland

Creative use of bonsai plants in Legoland

Swiss chalet

Swiss chalet

VENICE (9 year old):

The rides were fun.  The lego was too fascinating.  A soccer stadium full of 30,000 lego fans!  The flying ride was quite fun.  Paris said it was peaceful but I didn’t know that it would go faster on the second round.  There was a park that was full of nets and covered slides.  It was almost like a McDonald’s playplace but 10 times bigger.

Venice in venice

Venice in Venice

Great photo taken by Venice

Great photo taken by Venice


It was great!!  I don’t like scary rides and there were still a lot of fun rides for me.  I loved the one where you boarded a pirate ship with some friends and then you sailed the seas trying to spray people with water and of course trying not to get sprayed.  What a hoot! We all had so much fun.  There was definitely something for all age groups.  Be forewarned, though – If you are an adult, prepare to wake up the next morning feeling like you have been clubbing all night.

Berlin, Legoland

All made out of lego…

Shark!  The Legoland aquarium was a wonderful surprise.

Shark! The Legoland aquarium was a wonderful surprise.

PARIS (12 year old)

My favourite ride would be the flying dragons.  I thought it was pretty insane how they built the whole Munich Stadium out of lego.  And there were no line-ups!  School was in and it was an overcast day, mid-week so for the older kid rides there were no line-ups and I could get on right away.  If I liked a ride, most times I could just stay on and do it again.  They have really good tea.

ONLYBOY (14 year old)

The lego parts were very impressive.  Lego Einstein blew me away.  The roller coasters were fun and you could turn even the calmest rides scary simply by flipping yourself upside down.

Lego Einstein

Lego Einstein

First roller coaster we went on (even Lastborn)!  But not SWMBO...

First roller coaster we went on (even Lastborn)! But not SWMBO…

LASTBORN (5 year old)

It was good.  I liked the spinning thing.  Paris kept saying could you scooch over but it was spinning so much I couldn’t!  I also loved the scrambler.  It was also a spinning ride.    I didn’t really like the lego people talking during the horsey ride.  And the horsey ride was so short that I went on it three times.  The driving wasn’t really fun.  I really loved the water ride.

This is not the pirate ship - it is the other fun water ride.

This is not the pirate ship – it is the other fun water ride.

Paris looked like she was having fun but apparently not...

Paris looked like she was having fun but apparently not…


Legoland Deutschland is located in Günzburg, about 90 minutes from Munich.

Tickets:  Offseason, we were able to get a special rate: 103 euros/$150 for a family of four or only 1 euro more for a family of five.  We then had to buy an extra child ticket: 27 euros/$40.  To get these prices, you have to prebook online and print your tickets.  You have to commit to a particular day no matter what.

The aquarium was outstanding.

The aquarium was outstanding

Hours:  It is important to note the hours before buying the tickets.  Legoland is not like many other amusement parks – it opens late and closes early.  I love this because it means that you are forced to arrive at a decent time and then just when you are hitting your limit, you are forced to leave.  Mid-week, in September, Legoland opens at 10 am.  The rides close at 5 pm and the park closes at 6 pm.

A perfect maple leaf to give us a feeling of home...

A perfect maple leaf to give us a feeling of home…

Parking:  Even though you are in the middle of nowhere and you are clearly going to Legoland where you will spend hundreds of dollars, they will charge you for parking.  This is a cash grab, pure and simple, and it really miffs me.  We “saved money” on this robbery by buying a parking ticket online.  The discounted online price was 6 euros/$9!



Food:  The food/drink in Legoland is outrageously expensive.  I would recommend bringing your own food and drink (you are allowed to bring in bags).  If you want to splurge and make things easy on yourself, buy the meal voucher.  The meal voucher for 4 people costs 153 euros/$230 and for 5 people, 166 euros/$249.  A 5 person voucher is easily enough food for 6/7 people.  It includes 5 main courses, five cold drinks, five ice cream cones, two candy floss and three hot beverages.  Portions are huge and you select whatever you want, whenever you want.  The food quality is high and sometimes it’s nice to sit inside and take a break from the madness.

XXL burger, Legoland

XXL burger, Legoland

Extras:  Not everything is included in Legoland.  You have to pay to play carnival games and you can pay to pan for gold.  But there is so much to do in Legoland that there is no need to do this extra stuff.  You also have to pay 5 euros/$7.50 if are between 7-13 and you want to take a driving lesson and then drive around a simulated town in a little car.  My kids really wanted to do this but it is expensive and it takes about an hour.  That’s an hour that you have already paid $200 to do other stuff so we ditched the driving school idea pretty quickly.  Oh ya, they will also try to sell you photos of yourselves screaming on roller coasters.

Merch:  Lots of it.  Everywhere.  Expensive.