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Venice (9 yo) is writing to you – 9 more days ‘til we go back home!!!-

Sorry, that was random.

On September 27th, we went CouchSurfing. We were staying there for two nights.

On the second day we were there, our host said she was going to have a picnic with one of her friends and thought it would be nice if we went to a cave activity. Since it was the day of speleology, it would be free! It was only really 10 minutes to get there!     WOOHOO!   Sorry, I get carsick really easily. :-(

It was the day of speleology - free visits!

It was the day of speleology – free visits!

When we got there, we had a picnic ourselves!  (Seaweed with lemon and avocado)

Our last picnic in our car...

Our last picnic in our car…

Then we followed the arrows to the “cave”.

We entered a very interesting “cave” but in a short while we came out the other side!?   There were some people there having a picnic, too!

Entrance to the “cave"

Entrance to the “cave”

They were cave lovers! And they were there to teach us how to cave climb.

Paris said her leg hurt + her wrist… Lastborn was too scared and Fahbio didn’t want to… So that left S.W.M.B.O., OnlyBoy and I, Venice.

OnlyBoy went first, only because he wanted to, and S.W.M.B.O. wanted to watch him before she went. But I would’ve totally gone first :-) . There were other people, though going on the ropes.

Other people climbing

Other people climbing

When one of the ladies came over to get OnlyBoy all suited up, a guy that was working there said, “I bet when he gets off the ground he’ll be crying for his Mommy!!!”

Onlyboy gets the equipment

Onlyboy gets the equipment

Ahhhh, I can picture that!   OnlyBoy, age 14, crying for his mother…!

Sadly, there was no tear in sight. :-(

Then it was my turn. It wasn’t scary, so I see why OnlyBoy didn’t cry.

Once you get the hang of it, well, you get the hang of it!

SWMBO and I climb

SWMBO and I climb

Even SheWhoMustBeObeyed got the hang of it!!! Shocking!

(A.K.A. Super-Chicken)

– Venice

A dragon carved in stone

A dragon carved in stone

P.S.   When S.W.M.B.O. had to get all her gear on, it was a little harder than we thought…!

She umm, couldn’t really get it on…

It was umm, a little to tight,

And she umm, made a joke saying she had to stop eating so much baguette!

Too much baguette...

Too much baguette…