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A quick jaunt to the Apple store yesterday to replace a missing footpad on the MacBook turned into a 24 hour high tech saga.  On the upside, Apple waived the $11 fee voluntarily based on the ridiculous miscommunication amongst its staff.  All that to say, I am posting Saturday’s blog nonsense on Sunday for that reason.  On achève (French for we’ll get there in the end)…


Sneak preview of Saturday evening.

Sneak preview of Saturday evening.

Breakfast – A bit of everything, depending on personal tastes.  SWMBO had leftover pizza :-)

Snack – Fresh raspberries with homemade lemon curd.

Lunch – Grilled cheese sandwiches made in a sandwich press.  Somehow the sandwich press makes everything taste 50% better than normal.  SWMBO had had enough dairy and wheat and opted for fruit and veg.

Dinner – New parents, take under advisement the following: Start a No Cooking on Saturday policy.  We’ve been doing it for eons and man, do we all love it!  Each person just fends for him/herself.  Some eat a bowl of cereal, some make nachos, some have leftovers.  It lets everyone relax and eat what they want, when they want.  If your kids are under the age of 6, you’ll probably have to facilitate (i.e. get them the bowl, pour the milk, etc.) but YOU DO NOT COOK ANYTHING NEW!!!  Feel free to send me a postcard in a few years gushing about how wonderful your Saturday nights are!

liver wine2

BUT – last night, Fahbio and I suddenly found ourselves in a house (almost) empty of kids.  And we love to cook, so for the first time EVER, we decided to join forces in the kitchen on a Saturday night!  Our mission was to create a lovely date-night dinner which we ate in front of the t.v. watching prerecorded Coronation Street that we had fallen behind on, because of our travels.  We opened a bottle of Pomerol (one of three nice bottles of wine we brought back from France last month).

Firstborn and Venice were left to fend for themselves.  We didn’t want to traumatize them too much by coddling them on a Saturday or by making them eat liver.  Indeed, that is what we prepared for date night!

liver bacon

Fancy bacon was in the pack of deli end cuts we bought on Tuesday. A few raw mushrooms left over from Friday’s pizza night.

liver onions

SWMBO cooked some thick cut bacon and onions.  I also made a tomato, parsley and olive salad with olives we brought back from Greece.  And then, since we’ve become addicted to green salads, I tossed one of those.  I made it good and vinegary to cut the richness of the liver.

Tomatoes with parsley and Greek olives

Tomatoes with parsley and Greek olives

Fahbio made mashed potatoes and cooked the liver.  Remember, when I said it was surprisingly non-gross to slice beef heart?  Well, it was surprisingly gross to slice a whole beef liver and remove the weird bits.  I froze the sliced liver in 1 lb packages and believe me, there are a lot of them.  The kids don’t like liver so I was crossing my fingers that I had done a good job and that the liver would be tasty.  Well, it was better than tasty.  It was delicious!

Liver, onions, mushrooms and mashed potatoes

Liver, onions, mushrooms and mashed potatoes (on Gmundner Keramik dishes – see earlier blog post)

Not that we needed any more food, but we did manage a sliced pear with Stilton and the remaining Mary’s crackers.

Stilton and pear - a marriage made in heaven (just like Fahbio and SWMBO)

Stilton and pear – a marriage made in heaven (just like Fahbio and SWMBO)

Quote of the day comes from Fahbio upon tasting the Pomerol,

Oh My God!  Finally a real wine.