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The 14 days of Valentine tribute to the love of couchsurfing continues.


HE: Can’t remember but something industrial
SHE: Museum Staff
CHILDREN: Daughter, Son

We left Bonn and drove 7 hours to stay with Lifelongfriend.  Then we headed towards Graz where we stayed for a few nights while Firstborn and Ninjaturtle partied it up with old friends.  From there we bid a tearful good-bye to Ninjaturtle.  She had been a wonderful addition to our travelling zoo over the past days.

Then we headed south to Slovenia where we found one of our most relaxing CS experiences.  We arrived to find the family waiting for us outside a sweet cottage set in a vineyard.  A cottage with no address.  The grandparents were there to welcome us with home-baked treats and a bbq was prepared just for us since they had already eaten.

Our home for a week (on left with shed on right)

Our home for a week (on left with shed on right)

To say that Wineman was an experienced couchsurfer would be a massive understatement.  This guy had surfed everywhere including Iran and Republic of Georgia!  Couchsurfing and travelling are a way of life for him.  Winewoman – nope, not her thing.  This family lives in a home I have never seen because we didn’t couchsurf there.

Neighbour’s house, Slovenia

Neighbour’s house, Slovenia.  The hills in the distant left are in Croatia.

Instead, Wineman told us that we could stay in his cottage as long as we wanted.  We thought we were pushing it to ask him to stay for close to a week but he was totally cool with it.  He told us that he would drop in once or twice to prune his vines and maybe mow the lawn.  He showed us where everything was and told us to consume any of the homemade stuff found in the cold storage: sausages, cured meats, jams, award-winning wine.  This family gave us our space and that was just what we needed by that point in our trip.  We were burnt out from doing too much, driving too far, and meeting so many new people.  Wineman gave us a chance to rejuvenate and chillax.  Instead of sightseeing, we headed to a secret spot on the river known only to locals where we frolicked in the icy cold water, sunbathed on the beach and had a picnic.  The only other creature we saw was a mysterious beach chicken, alive and pecking.  If the water hadn’t been so cold and the current so strong, we could have easily swam to the other side of the river at which point we would have been in Croatia!

Vines with internet connection, Slovenia


Wineman is an avid mountain climber and tends to pick his travel destinations based on the quality of the climbing.  Mount Everest Base Camp is just one of the many challenging places he’s climbed to.  Wineman’s hat is therefore warmer than the others I have knit.  I knit it in Borgo de Pazzi organic wool from Italy on 5 mm/US 8 needles.  The pattern is a very basic beanie.

hat crnomelj

Wineman’s warm hat as modelled by Venice