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Roughly two weeks have gone by with nary a blog post.  Not even a blog thought on my part.  I guess I needed a little break and it did me good.

It gave me time to read a book by Will Ferguson, Beyond Belfast: A 500 Mile Walk Across Northern Ireland On Sore Feet.  Will Ferguson is an award-winning, funny Canadian author who undertook a hike on the Ulster Way just as the Troubles were ending.  That’s why all the photos in today’s blog post are of Belfast.

A boat chugging along.  Belfast, Northern Ireland

A boat chugging along. Belfast, Northern Ireland

What’s new?  How about everything?  Since the last post, we received a request to host a Japanese student; we agreed; he arrived.  Firstborn picked a friend up at the airport and she is staying with us for two weeks.  I committed to a 40-day yoga challenge.  Oh ya, and Fahbio quit his job.  He hated it.

But enough about me, let’s talk about other Canadians.  I offer an insight into the Canadian psyche.  When Netflix came to Canada, people were stoked.  Canadians were freed from the shackles of Rogers and Bell.  But the honeymoon period was short.  Many Canadians travel to the US and disturbing rumours starting surfacing about how much better American Netflix was.  Even in Homeschooling World (a generally t.v. averse community), people chimed in with how unfair it was.  In the US, there were whole curricula (FREE!) based on educational shows available on Netflix.  Guess what?  Those shows aren’t available on Canadian Netflix.

An interesting outdoor but indoor mall.  Belfast.

An interesting outdoor but indoor mall. Belfast.

Thus was born an obsession with hacking computers so that US Netflix could be streamed in Canada.  I’m not talking about nerdy teens for whom hacking is akin to breathing.  I’m talking about regular, middle-aged, homeschooling, non-tv watching, raw milk drinking, anti-immunization, computer Luddites.

Well, I may be the lone Canadian who feels the need to stand up and be counted.  Canadian Netflix is pretty darned awesome and I for one have no interest in rigging my computer to gain access to American Netflix.  Maybe I need to get out more but Holy Cow! there are so many shows on Netflix, it boggles my mind that people feel a need to supplement.

My girls visited Primark in practically every country we went to .  But Primark is an Irish clothing company.  And it shows.

My girls visited Primark in practically every country we went to.  But Primark is an Irish clothing company. And it shows.

My personal suspicion is that people think the pickings are slim because they are always looking in the same category and find that they have seen everything.  I have no interest in sports but I searched that category and found a whole host of things of interest.  I also suspect that I am finding more stuff than other people because I don’t mind watching foreign films with subtitles.

Netflix adds things regularly.  Dude, if you can’t find anything on Canadian Netflix, you’re spending too much time watching t.v.  Get outside!

Here are some of my favourite offerings on Canadian Netflix:

  • The Bletchley Circle
  • Last Tango in Halifax
  • Shameless (this really was shameless.  Shocking and really good 4 seasons of a show set in Machester, England.  Don’t watch if you hate sex, swearing, drugs, drinking, theft, smoking, dangerous driving or anything naughty)
  • Superbad/40Year Old Virgin/Knocked Up/Forgetting Sarah Marshall (I had a Seth Rogan/Michael Cera raunch fest)
  • Salmon Fishing in Yemen (Ah, Ewan McGregor…)
  • Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
  • Scott & Bailey (British Detective Series)
  • The Intouchables (fantastic French film.  Highly recommend)
  • Burt’s Buzz (about Burt’s Bees founder.  A guy living not far from Sugarloaf!)
  • Three Stars (documentary about top notch restaurants)
  • Pink Ribbons, Inc (the dark side of the breast cancer pink campaigns)
  • FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman (awesome PBS show for the kids)
  • Haute Cuisine (French film set in Paris and Antarctica)
  • Love is All You Need (a movie about Danish people going to Italy for a wedding starring Pierce Brosnan.  Confused much?  That notwithstanding, a lovely film.)
  • The Queen of Versailles (OMG – what to think about this?!  It is definitely not what you are expecting.  No matter what you are expecting.)
  • Lunchbox (A lovely film set in Mumbai.  Reminded me of Lost in Translation)
  • Tracks (The original Wild?)
An interesting yellow pavilion.  Belfast.

An interesting yellow pavilion. Belfast.

So much quality entertainment, so little time.  Netflix works based on your physical location so when we were travelling, we weren’t able to access it.  That’s when I should have organized myself to hack the system and stick it to the man.  I guess there’s always the next world trip…