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Wondering where I’ve been?  I guess I’ve been home long enough now to get a wee bit depressed about the situation.  Luckily, on Thursday I’m heading to Toronto (or The Centre of the Universe as it’s known to residents).  A few days in the big city should perk me up a bit.  And guess what?  I’ll be taking my very first ride on a Greyhound bus!!!  Be still my beating heart.  So you’ll have to wait a bit longer to read new travel-related drivel from me.

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For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with a pithy Quote of the Day.  On Thursday, exactly 1 week before the big trip to The Centre of the Universe, I had to take Onlyboy to have a scope shoved up his nose so that his adenoids could get looked at.  Most of the doctors, staff and patients at the hospital where this took place are francophone so consider yourself lucky that our quote was delivered (pun intended) in English.

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While we were waiting, a pregnant woman came to register herself at the hospital for the upcoming birth of her child.  She was holding a little girl by the hand:

Pregnant Space Cadet: So what happens if you plan to film the birth?

Receptionist: How do you mean?

Pregnant Space Cadet: Do they assign an extra nurse to hold the camera?

Stunned Receptionist: You’ll have to get a family member to hold the camera.

Pregnant Space Cadet: But there’s a maximum number of people allowed in the birthing room and we already have our maximum.  I don’t want any of them to miss a moment of the birth having to film it.  It’s VERY IMPORTANT to me.  We didn’t film the birth with our first and I really regret it.  We have a lot of pictures but it’s just not the same.