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I recently took three kids to Kingston, Ontario for an overnighter. We stayed in a lovely purpose-built studio in the garden of a hospitable young couchsurfing family.  Kingston is a charming town of interest to everyone but this summer, particularly to Americans. Kingston sits right at the confluence of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway and is easily accessible from the US. The Canadian dollar has taken such a tumble that visiting Kingston now means more bang for your buck. In fact, we saw a lot of folks paying with US dollars while we were there.

There’s a lot to do in Kingston: Wolfe Island, Queen’s University, Fort Henry, martello towers, Bellevue House, wandering around downtown… The two days we were there were very hot. We chose to spend our time in the beautiful old City Park and to visit the Penitentiary Museum. Both are excellent and highly recommended. The museum is by donation and offers free parking.  It is also on the route of the Hop-on Hop-off Trolley. It is sandwiched between the former Kingston Penitentiary and the former Women’s Prison.

City Park’s wonderful old climbing tree

City Park’s wonderful old climbing tree

Kingston may be a great town but good luck with the parking. All over town, you will see drivers scratching their heads and conferring with passersby as to whether or not it’s safe to step away from the vehicle.

The park is pretty big...

The park is pretty big…

parking sign

Why paint zebra stripes in downtown Kingston if cars don’t have to stop?

Why paint zebra stripes in downtown Kingston if cars don’t have to stop?

That’s a wrap for our most recent road trip. Here’s what’s going down for the next one:

Fabhio and I are heading east with the kids for two weeks (for all you thieves out there, we have a house sitter, so don’t even think about it).  We’re going to check out why so many people from our hometown in Ontario have fallen in love with a remote Canadian isle located off the coast of Maine – GRAND MANAN.  One of our neighbours even upped sticks and moved there permanently!

We’ll meander our way down, visiting whatever sights our couchsurf hosts recommend.  On August 23, Fabhio will fly back to work :-( while I wend my way home with the kids, this time through Maine.

For more info about our trip or to find Grand Manan on the map, check out “Road Trip to Grand Manan Island” at the top of the blog.