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Hi guys! It’s me, Venice.  This blog post is for all the April Fools Day Lovers!  I love April Fools, pranks, and how proud I feel when I pull a successful prank!

My Grandma has this book called:  The Practical Joker’s Handbook.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the pranks from this book… And some of the pranks that we have used in our house! So, what are you waiting for? Read!

Here are 9 pranks (out of 58 tricks) from the book, and a few from me:



  1. Sausage Finger.

Put a raw sausage between two of your fingers, so that it looks as if you have 5 fingers and 1 thumb on one hand. Now, choose a victim, and without them seeing the sausage, shake their hand, and say: “Ouch! My bad finger!”, giving them a nasty shock when you leave a sausage in their hand!

2.   Grabber

Pretend that someone hidden behind a door, has got hold of your neck. (really, though, you have.)  Roll up a sleeve from your shirt so that it looks different from your other arm. Grab yourself around your neck, loosely. Make fake choking sounds, and yell: “Ahhhh!”  You can give someone quite a startle!

3.   Dummy

Stuff your victims pajamas with newspaper, T-shirts, socks, etc. Tie the top piece of their pajamas to the bottom piece. Stuff two rubber gloves with tissues, and tie them to the arm holes (if they have short-sleeved pajamas, tie the gloves to a strong stick, and then wrap a white shirt around the stick, to look like pale skin, repeat on other arm).  Blow up a balloon, and put a mask on it. Attach to the head hole. Prop up the dummy in the victim’s bed, so that it sits up, and you can still see the upper-half of the dummy’s body.  Turn off the lights. Walk away. And wait for a scream.

Note: It’s a good idea to make the dummy the day before so that it’s all ready for April Fools Day. If you can, place the dummy in their bed while your victim eats breakfast. When they come back upstairs to change, brush there teeth, or just to take off there slippers, they will find an uninvited friend! ;)

  1. Paper Rain.

Stuff some confetti paper into an umbrella.  Carefully close the umbrella, and put it back in it’s proper place. (Make sure there is no confetti on the floor, otherwise it will give your prank away).  When someone opens up the umbrella, they will get a shower of paper!

Note: This prank only works if it’s a rainy April Fools Day!

  1. Cracked Glass.

Chisel a point on a bar of soap, and use that to draw a cracked look on a mirror. It can look quite real, so get ready for some fireworks!

6.  Smudger

Press your thumb into an ink pad.  Then, find a victim. Say to your victim that there is something on their face (but there is not). Use your inked thumb to swipe the thing off their face.  But then say that it won’t come off, and do it again in a different place. (but not to far away from the first smudge, otherwise they will feel that you smudged on the other side of their face). Do it again, and again, and again, until you think their face is smudged enough.  Say that it finally came off. Then, they will walk around with an inky face all day!

  1. Apple Pie Bed

Take the pillow off a bed. Place a different blanket that is big and thin that your victim doesn’t usually use on their bed. Fold half of it under the sheet, so that half of it is under the sheet and the other half isn’t. Tuck the sheet in, like how you normally do.  Bring the half of the blanket that isn’t under the sheet, up to where the pillow was.  Place your victim’s normal blanket over the other blanket, so that it looks like a regular made bed. Put the pillow on the bed, as well.  Most families, (including mine), stop making pranks at 12:00 pm. If you celebrate that way, then write a note that says:

Happy Late April Fools!

– (your name)

Place the note on their pillow.  When they go to bed, they won’t be able to get in the covers!

  1. The horrid Finger.

Cut off one end (width-wise) off an old matchbox tray.  Do the same on the lid.  Line the matchbox bottom with white cotton wool.  Splatter the wool with a little red ink or paint.  Dust your finger with white flour, and at the base of your finger, use a paintbrush to paint on some more red ink or red paint. Place your finger on the matchbox tray.  Slide the lid on.  Tell someone that you found a finger in the basement-(if you don’t have a basement, say a closet), then take off the lid, and see their shocked face!

  1. Silly Shopping.

Make a shopping list of all the things that don’t exist.  For example: Left-handed pencils, striped paint, or elbow grease. (Be careful though, as we have seen some weird things like vegetarian kidney and canned potatoes.) Go shopping with a friend.  Say:

“I’ll go get the frozen corn, can you please get something for me? Here, take the shopping list.”

Hand it to them folded up, so that it will take some time to open it. Once you give it to your victim walk casually, but faster than how you normally would, away!


  1. Sugar = Salt, Salt = Sugar.

Put all the salt into your sugar container, and all the sugar into your salt container.  Then, ask someone if they can make pancakes.

Note: You may want a glass of water when you eat your breakfast!

  1. Bathroom Break.

Bring a chair into the bathroom, and leave the door ajar.  Fill up a PLASTIC cup half way with water.  Stand on the chair and put the cup on the top of the door. Come back down, from the chair, and leave the chair where it is in the bathroom.  Place the chair so that it is almost touching the door, but it’s not.   When someone tries to open the door, they will get splashed with water!

  1. Coffee Vinegar.

If you have a coffee machine, fill the compartment, where you pour water into, with vinegar.  When someone drinks a coffee, they will never want one again!

  1. Vinegar Tea.

Fill the kettle with vinegar, instead of water.  Then let it boil. Offer someone a cup of tea (in my house, there is never a “no” to tea!).  Pour the ‘water’ into a cup with some tea.  Let it steep, and give it to your victim.  Teatime!

Note: If you have a metal kettle, (like us) make iced tea instead. If you put the vinegar in your kettle, it will damage it.  Trust me, we learnt the hard way.


  1. Fake Puke.

Make some oatmeal.  Then add some food colouring.

HUMAN PUKE: One drop of red, one drop of yellow, one drop of green (optional)

CAT/DOG PUKE: One drop of red, one drop of yellow.

If needed, add more colouring.  Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  Let dry completely.  Cut around the edges, so that you cannot see any parchment paper.  Place on the floor somewhere, with you kneeling in front of it.  Make some gagging noises, and try to shake heavily.  Call someone for help, for example:

“Mom, Dad! Come quick! I think I’m going to vomit! Help! Mom! Dad!”

 Note: I have never tried this before.  But I think I might do it this year…


I hope you guys liked this blog post.  And I hope you now know some good pranks to pull this year!