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One of the things I love about couch surfing is how you inevitably end up somewhere delightful that you never, ever, not ever, in a million years would have come to otherwise.  So it was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania when we took a five minute stop at the foundry of Steve Tobin.  That five minutes stretched to an hour and the artist wasn’t even there.  The workshop wasn’t even open.



Steve Tobin is a world renowned artist from Philadelphia who has chosen to set up shop in the small town of Quakertown.  He is known for his monumental works in metal but has recently been experimenting in ceramics and glass as well.  His works are purchased and shipped all over the world.


If you look closely you can see how the sculpture can be taken apart for shipping


A portion of a sculpture waiting to be shipped

I love the fact that he got a math degree at university and then decided to do this with it.  One of the main lessons I hope my kids get from homeschooling: your life’s work can be anything.  We recently learned that an animation studio in Portland has two (not one – two!!) full-time “face librarians” on staff to catalogue all the face components needed for stop animation.



Tobin’s main subject area is the intersection between science and art.  One of his most famous pieces, “Trinity Root” is cast from a sycamore tree that protected Trinity Church during the 911 attacks.  He financed the $300K piece himself and it now sits in Manhattan.


Today’s Quote of the Day comes from Onlyboy talking to his sister:

The world isn’t set up to be fair, it’s set up for you to follow my arbitrary rules.