World Travel Plan

We have a firm commitment to embark on a Round the World voyage in Fall 2017, give or take a season or two.  We’ll be visiting Asia, Europe and Africa, give or take a continent or two.  We’ll be hitting the road for 1 to 2 years, give or take a month or two.  We’ll be schlepping 5 kids with us, give or take a monkey or two.

That was the plan but life has a funny way of messing with plans.  Not funny ha ha so much as crap! seriously?  So after seven months of weekly chemo for a cancer recurrence (ending August 2017), we have been given the green light to travel.  But only for 3 months.  And even that has come with a lot of concessions and admonishments to take it easy and tread the beaten path.  So we’ll do a compliant yet boundary stretching version of that and hopefully get some confidence in life back.  October 2017.


Traditional coracles on An Bang Beach, Vietnam 2014